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A Strategic Plan must include three fundamental elements: Mission, Vision, and Values. These definitions are crucial since they serve as guidelines for all management decisions made by on a daily basis. They serve as a foundation for defining behaviors and must be very clear about which path to pursue and where the firm plans to go.

Mission, vision, and values are the three pillars on which our company's policy is built.

MISSION: To defend the interests of clients in an ethical, responsible, and transparent manner, constantly seeking agile, intelligent, secure, and economical solutions, promoting the development of all based on the recognition of personal value.

VISION: To be recognized as the operational extension and integral part of the logistics chain of clients operating in international trade.


- Meeting needs with personalized relationships;

- Acting responsibly and within legal compliance;

- Communicating transparently;
- Promoting the development of people.


Our work excellence has resulted in a number of certificates attesting to the efficiency and strength of our operations. The certifications we have received from some of the world's most prestigious organizations demonstrate that selecting LOGLINE to handle your logistics needs is the right choice to make.

iata 2.png


Created more than Sixty years ago by a group of airline companies with aim of representing them in all aviation related matters.

As an IATA accredited agent, Logline is globally recognized in the international air transport sector for best practices and with access to more than 280 member airlines using its own standardized sales contract (AWB). IATA Code: 57-1 0178 000 2

Ativo 2.png

Dun & Bradstreet


Dun & Bradstreet is a world leader in financial business information with more than 170 years of experience operating in 220 countries evaluating more than 240 million companies in its database.

Logline is a D&B identified by DN # 914741392 attesting its suitability and creditworthiness, through a modern system of global financial analysis.



It is a certification underscores the commitment to maintain the highest standards of social responsibility.

This audit is one of the most widely used globally, with over 280,000 companies already audited worldwide through SEDEX.


DTA ilimitada


Logline operates in all ports, airports and customs warehouses in the Brazilian country size, carrying your cargo out under the DTA regime (Customs Transit Declaration), collecting the cargo at the Primary Zone locations (Port or Airport) and transferring it to a Secondary Zone (EADI).


Logline is enabled in the Unlimited mode and will not be subject to operation limits, either for import or export operations.


ISO - International Organization for Standardization

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard certification that qualifies the organization management process.

For Logline represents that national and international recognition of the quality and guarantee of good management practices and relationships between customers and suppliers as ISO 9001:2015


ANTT register


The ANTT (National Road Transport Agency), regulator of transport sector requires the register RNTRC companies performing in its database identifying the providers and activities regularized. Register ANTT 0912-0718.

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