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2014 - Head office founded in Santos' city, area of the largest por in Latin America.

2015 - Opened its first branch in São Paulo city, South America's sleading financial and corporate center.

2016 - Launched the startup in Itajai city, near by the major ports in South of Brazil and new offices across São Paulo state.

2017 - Became a member of IFLN network with worldwide presence in more than 100 countries.

2018 - Certified by ANTT - National Road Transport Agency as MTO and approved by the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil to conduct ground operations under Customs Transit regime.

2019 - Became Seko Logistics' representative partner in Brazil.

2019 - Joined JC Trans network, with more than 70,000 agents connections in 200 countries.

2020 - Certified by Quality International institutions as IATA, ISO 9001 and Dun & amp; Bradstreet.

2020 - Opened a new branch in Minas Gerais state, covering performances in the Brazil's Midwest region.

2021 - Became member of wca network, the biggest freight forwarded network in the world.

2021 - Initiated activities in the Northeast Brazilian region with a new branch in Recife city, focused on Suape and Pecem ports operations.


2022 - Announcement of new business unit and implementation in Manaus city as Recife branch expansion activities to North Region of Brazil; and Vitoria port to complete operations coverage on Brazilian territory and its regionalities.


2023 - Initiated trading services consultancy providing benefits in all the Brazilian ports operations.


2024 - Certified by SMETA 4 Pillar by SEDEX international institution on best practices in social responsibility audits.


2024 - Completes 10 years of existence, celebrating a decade of operation in Brazil.

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