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CASE 1 - Marine Aquarium of Rio de Janeiro

LOGLINE is a specialized air freight forwarder of temperature- and time-sensitive cargo.

In January of this year, Logline delivered 1.5 tons of live corals and fish to a Rio de Janeiro aquarium. This sophisticated logistical operation began in Tongatapu, a small Polynesian island where the cargo was painstakingly collected and shipped to Houston, Texas, U.S.

Our live cargo team was on duty at the American airport to ensure that this sensitive cargo was handled and transported properly all the way to its final destination in Rio de Janeiro.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, our local crew was already waiting for the flight to provide all of the required and crucial support to ensure that the corals and fish arrived in perfect condition at the aquarium.

This successful operation is just one of the many success stories we have collected as a specialized air freight agent.

Roberta Tavares

LOGLINE Operations Director
Air freight specialis

CASE 2 - Export of Motorcycles for Expeditions

Logline Logistics, in collaboration with James Cargo/UK (IFLN Agent), is working on a project to export motorcycles for expeditions.

The expedition coordinator's motorcycle is the first we will send. Following that, the group's bikes, which can total up to 26, will be shipped.

The Project is sponsored by Honda do Brasil.

Logline Logistics/James Cargo (UK) will be the logistics operators coordinating the terminal (if maritime), clearance, air and/or sea freight, as well as the agency, clearance, and warehouse at the destination.

You can learn a little more about what they do in the video below!

This effective operation is just one of the numerous success stories we have witnessed as a specialized air freight forwarder.


Roberta Tavares

LOGLINE Operations Director
Air freight specialist

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