We create logistic solutions segmented according to your needs!

For Logline Soluções Logísticas Integradas, managing companies’ foreign trade logistics means assuming the commitment to offering optimized solutions at each stage of the route, in and out of the Country, following a connected planning. Thus, we efficiently and economically display your brand in a competitive global scenario.

Each customer’s needs are individually analyzed, resulting into strategic, tailored actions, conceived by our professionals focused on massive savings, agile deadlines and on adding value to the products. The entire operating sequence is planned after careful study of the productive and commercial chains, creating differentials which position your company ahead the competitors.

Logline Soluções Logísticas Integradas is up-to-date with the current demands of customers and the market, such that our working model meets the most demanding international standards of the sector, holding the required infrastructure, know-how and service ratio within the strictest and most demanding standards of international excellence.

The wide experience in all stages of a logistic operation enables us to optimize the processes and enhance costs, as well as to monitor the cargo. Meet our solutions to transport or store your cargo:

Full Container Load (FCL) – Either for import or export, Logline Soluções Logísticas Integradas provides the best service for your FCL cargo, as known as full load, the volume of which is sufficient to occupy one or more containers.

Less than Container Load (LCL) – If your cargo has no sufficient volume to occupy a full container, the LCL service is appropriate for your business. In such modal, consolidating more than one cargo in a same container is possible, meeting your logistic needs and reducing your costs. The right solution for your needs.

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world in territorial extent and has one of the most extensive road lines. Due to such favorable condition, our national road department provides unique solutions to ensure your cargo will arrive at the desired destination safely and with agility, either at the import, export, cabotage, fractioned or reuse modality.

With full Redex and General Warehousing infrastructure at both ends of the Port of Santos, we are able to solve any logistic challenge. We provide services (pre-stacking, mobilization and demobilization, pick & pack) for general cargo, as well as extra-sized and/or special cargo, such as converters and liquid cargo via bulk / tank.

By means of rail-linked strategic partnership, we connect the three main economic poles of Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo. It enables us to provide customers with low loss ratio and increased safety in transporting their goods, in addition to the access to the port terminals without requiring schedules and waiting lines.

Technical monitoring on-site for disassembly, packaging, container storage and shipment of machinery and equipment with management by expert engineers. The whole care required to ensure quality and peace of mind in the handling and shipment of your cargo.

With over 10 years of experience, the work is conducted in our Redex terminal, where we receive tank carts to conduct the transshipment of liquid cargo to isotanks or containers with Flexitank. We are able to provide operations with cargo of up to 100°C, as well as other types of vegetal oils, including food products. For each product, personalized analysis is carried out, which leads to creation of appropriate and safe operating and technical procedures. Our installed capacity is for 120 M³ / h (70 T/h), with an operating team comprised of an expert, assistants and the technical support of an engineer.

Logline Soluções Logísticas Integradas is more than just a logistic operator, we are partners managing processes and analyzing the best logistics and suggesting good choices. Therefore, we allocate qualified professionals always following the customs law in effect. Our team is able to provide support to the most varied needs of importers and exporters.

Different indemnifiable coverages, ranging from the most restricted to the broadest. The operation receives the coverage as soon as the shipper authorizes the cargo shipment. In the event of any losses, damages or miscarriage, our logistic team shall provide the required assistance for coverage of the losses verified.

The packaging division of Logline Soluções Logísticas Integradas produces, at the own company or in the industries and warehouses of its customers, from simple one-way pallets up to the most sophisticated structural boxes for specific applications and/or cargo lashing/locking, with provision of lashing certificates and rigging plan. From the basic to the sophisticated, everything is conducted with the same professionalism and commitment to the outstanding quality.

The technical capacity and experience made us experts in any size roll-on/roll-off cargo import and export operations. We transport materials which cannot be divided, such as wind blades, coils and transformers, generators, boilers, turbines, lathes, concrete mills, tubes and steel plates. Our highly qualified operations assure the expected accuracy and the peace of mind of a good result.

In order to meet a wide range of cargo transportation needs, Logline Soluções Logísticas Integradas holds unique, qualified equipment: small-, mid- and large-sized equipment, liquid cargo storage equipment, mobile scales and grain transportation equipment that may be made available with the services provided or individually.

Responsible for all transportations inside the production facilities, we hold structure, expert teams and management tools which enable the stock control, picking goods by category, loading, issuance, carton tagging, pallet confinement etc.

We have the right solution for your cargo!

The work developed by Logline Soluções Logísticas Integradas ensure creation of a logistic base, in which monitoring the whole process is possible, due to the huge efficiency of the connections offered. Our ideal is exactly ensuring such differentiated vision, to provide the required support to the importer’s and exporter’s operations, freeing them to be focused only on their core business.